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SSC Interview Questions and Answers

SSC Interview Questions and Answers | Download Questions asked in SSC Interview

The candidates who were searching for the SSC Interview questions. They will be happy to see the golden opportunity. Yes Candidates! Your wait is over as careerexamz bring SSC Interview Questions asked in previous interviews conducted by Syndicate bank for recruitment of probationary officer. This will help you to pass SSC CGL interview easily.

In the interview, Interviewer asked about their General Information and GK Questions etc. This is advise to candidates, who are preparing for SSC Interview Questions, they should search about the history. Most of the questions asked in Interviews are here. 

SSC Interview Questions

  1. What are you doing after completion of the graduation?

In the question, interviewee gives a tricky answer by which your answer did not affect your personality, such as- Sir I am very crazy for SSC exams, so from last year, I was preparing for that. Due to this reason I am in front of you.

  1. Your surname is different. Why is it so?

Sometimes, candidates surname are different. So prepare a good answer for this question.

  1. What is your view about arrange marriage & love marriage, which is best?

It is discussion topic, so interviewers want to know about your views on general social topics. Through this question, they want to check your social views. Do not hyper at the time of answering in this question, if they try to confuse & cross question.

  1. Why should we hire you?

It is most asked question in the interview, so prepare answer for this question according to your capability, strength & skills. Don’t show over smartness in this question. 

  1. What is the current topic in the news?

It is only for checking that how to update yourself to the nation and world. So you should keep touch current affairs.

SSC Interview Questions about Yourself

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  1. Introduce Yourself?

You are required to express yourself. Your introduction should be as long as possible. An exhaustive introduction gives a fine impression to the people who are taking interview. Tell everything about yourself candidly from family life to professional life.

  1. Do you have anything to ask us?

You could ask one question that when I have to join the company and start my work. I myself and many others asked this question. If you have any doubt then you could ask without hesitating.

  1. Where do you see yourself in next 3 to 5 years from now?

You must answer confidently by saying I would be leading a team of 10 to 20 fresher under me. In next 3 to 5 years I would be at the senior managerial post responsible for the daily tactical operations of the company. My presence for next 5 years would enormously benefit the company. You should convince them by saying that you matter a lot.

  1. How are you different from rest of the applicants?

In this situation you will tell your ambition, outstanding academic qualification, long experience, vast knowledge; great problem solving ability and sharp analytical skills makes me different from rest of others. If you like it then you could add more to it.

  1. Do you have any health Issues – Mental or Physical?

The company would like to know whether you mentally sound or not. Your obvious answer should be you are absolutely fine. You do not have any issues regarding your mental or physical health. You should be just honest.

  1. What are your strengths and Weaknesses?

When it comes to weakness then you should never say no I don’t have any weakness. It’s little bit over the head. So you should tell at least one weakness to balance or look impartial. You could tell I trust somebody so easily or I am too merciful and that is my weakness.

Some of More SSC Interview Questions

  1. Have you ever faced a challenging situation and how did you managed it?

You could tell a brief story. It goes like this. When you were working in your previous company suddenly one of your team members who were a graphic designer quits. And you had to finish and submit the work by the next day.  Therefore instead of panicking I handled the situation by hiring a freelancer from a website. He finished the work on time and we were able to submit our project on time.

  1. Would you be ready to go beyond the call of your duty?

Again answer straightly yes you would be ready to beyond call of duty if a situation or circumstance arises. If company needs me to work for extra hours without paying bonus then I would be ready to help the company in hard times. It is a different thing that in reality no one does. But here your answer should be yes for the moment.

  1. Are you willing to travel and relocate?

You must be ready and prepared to travel at least. If it comes to relocate with your entire family then you should answer according to your wisdom.

  1. What is your best achievement so far?

If you are a fresher then it would be really hard to give an answer because you haven’t made any mark on the company. But if you are experienced then you should have something to tell about your achievements. You could tell how you helped the company to make profit only because of your hard work and right planning and strategy. Even if you don’t have any achievement which is quite a possibility then also you should tell something. Like how you helped the team to get things done so easily as you motivated others.

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