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GK Questions asked in RRB Exam Shift-1/Slot-1

Gk Questions Asked In Today (2.04.2016) RRB Exam Shift-1/Slot-1
Here we are going to give review of GK questions asked in RRB Exam Shift 1/slot 1. Candidates who are preparing for GK can refer these questions. So that they can perform well in next exams. There are 33 GK Questions asked in RRB Exam Shift-1/Slot-1. So candidates can check the GK questions from here.

Project Tiger Was Introduced In 
Ans: 1973
2. Which Country Got Independence In 2011?
Ans:South Sudan
3.Which Of The Following Planets Have No Moons(Mars, Jupiter, Saturn)
4. Ramkhelia Flok Dance Famous In
Ans: Jammu And Kasmir
5.First fast acting anti rabies drug launched in
Ans:Pune, india(rabies human monoclonal antibody)
6.Space X extreme Emissions mission
7.Most piglet
Ans: Tardigrade
8.Rugby world cup 2019 venue
Ans: japan
9.Radium is obtained from which mineral PITCHBLENDE or URANINITE
10.Project Tiger Was Introduced In
Ans: 1973
Ans: hoot
12.Yemeni Nobel Peace prize  winner 2011
Ans: Tawakkol
13.CRISPR Full From
Ans: Clustered regularly-interspaced short palindromic repeats
14.Saffron is cultivated in India in
Ans: Jammu and Kashmir
15.Plant Without moons
16.Bihar :patna :: Gujarat
Ans: Gandhi nagar
17.Brahama puthra River Does not passes through
Ans: Nepal
18.Great Ashoka
19.First defense to satellite of India
Ans: GSAT-  7
20.First From periodic table
Ans: Mendeleev
21. Nasa Pluto mission

Ans: New Horzons

22.Homosapiens means
Ans: wise man

23.Who designed the building of the Indian Parliament?
Ans. Sir Edwin Lutyens.

24.In which Olympic year did women participated in all events for first time?
Ans. 2012 London Olympics.

25.In which cells Mitochondria doesn’t exists?
Ans. Erythrocytes (red blood cells).

26.NaCl is what (Options: Salt, Water, Sugar and one more option)?
Ans. It’s a salt.

27.What is minimum age required to become PM of nation?
Ans. 25 years.

28.The image formed on the retina of human eyes is?
Ans. Real and inverted.

29.If we double the resistance of wire, the effect on voltage would be?
Ans. Voltage would get decrease.

30.Sri Lanka got Independent in which year?
Ans. 1948.

31.Study of organisms and their environment?
Ans. Ecology.

32.The term “Wood shot/Hairpin shot” is associated with which sport?
Ans. Badminton.

33.Currency of Korea?
Ans. South Korean Won.

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